About SquawkBoard

A new social platform posting board website providing an extensive menu of online classified ads in local neighborhood markets. Combining the best features of several of the web's most popular sites, SquawkBoard.com offers localized "neighborhood bulletin boards" throughout the USA. This New and Exciting site allows users to easily post and respond to a extensive variety of other user ads and to share ads with friends on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Have a product or service to sell? Have an exciting announcement? Desire to meet someone new? Users may post and respond to other user ads in familiar categories ranging from local news and events, to buy / sell / trade, to professional services, jobs, dating, and many many more. Because the website offers special College SquawkBoards in many college towns, there are also college-specific categories such as rideshare, learning materials, events, campus area housing, and groups that may be of interest to benefit students on campus.

A Better Balanced Site For Everyone 

More Professional - More Student And Family Friendly - SquawkBoard goes further than any of the web's most popular websites in offering Parental Control options. Content in the dating section may contain text not suitable for children. SquawkBoard makes it easy for parents and institutions block access to this area of the website. Disable buttons are included to prevent children from accessing potential adult related text on the SquawkBoard site. SquawkBoard is the only major social website to include this from the beginning. Schools, libraries and other public computer administrators may also choose to enable SquawkBoard's easy Parental Controls solutions.
Additionally a section was added called "SquawkBoard Watchdog" enabling any user to immediately report any user content that violates the terms and conditions of the site. SquawkBoard encourages all users/viewers to notify the site so we can address any unauthorized content in a timely manner. SquawkBoard is monitored daily at our main operating facility.

"We wanted to create a real platform for free speech and expression," with well thought out ideas related to safety and friendliness for all users, so we put the control in the hands of the users and viewers, parents, schools, public entities, etc - over what content they actually choose to have on their screens. We are Big supporters of childhood development and safety. Additionally, several "Safer Society" links were added for general information related to public awareness and notifications. 
SquawkBoard.com is based in Palm Springs, CA. We welcome your feedback. Simply go to the site and feel free to express all views and comments at the "Contact Us" tab. For Further information, please visit us at http://www.SquawkBoard.com.
SquawkBoard.com - A Better Balanced Site For Everyone.